Rueda de paletas de la bomba aireador
Rueda de paletas de la bomba aireador


Paddlewheel Aerator
fish oxygen increasing pump

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Engine machinery

Paddlewheel Aerator is produced by break through improvement technology according to the most popular model in the international at the moment by our company,in which implicit multipele national patents We adopt whole plastic float and stainless steel transmission shaft and frame In April 2000,our aerators were passing eaxmined by the Mechanical InStrument Quality Surveillance Inspection Center of National Fishery All the 9 quotas reach the calling standard of SC/T6017-1999, among which the oxygen transfer capactity is 259kg (O2)/h,343% higher than the standardPower efficiency is  171kg (O2)/hkw,368%higher than the standard

1.Arcuate bevel-gear instead of worm gear is adopted,with high efficiency and saving over 20% electric energy than traditional models
2.Arcuate bevel-gear is made of chromium-manageanese-tianium with carbontitriding on the surfaceLong life span and high rigidity are available
3.Mechanical seal is available to against oil leak pollution
4.Protector inside is available to avoid motor bening burnt accidentally
5.PE float,nylon impeller,stainless steel shaft and frame are available